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Our Story

In our journey, we found that minimalist lifestyle not only provides fresh air for space, but also for the soul. We believe that minimalism is attached to letting go, so close to gratitude and happiness.

Our Vision

To be the most influential platform for minimalism life in Indonesia.

Our Mision

We share daily inspirations, motivations, knowledge through our content, campaign, module and activations. We provide useful, easy to practice and relatable to the community. 

Our Campaigns


#BelajarJadiMinimalis is the main campaign of Lyfe With Less. We encourage Indonesian to start living with less and know our “enough” to reduce impulse buying and hoarding habit.

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#SalingSilang is a space for LWL’s member to sell, exchange or give it free their decluttered items to other member in telegram group. 

Our weekly routine, every Sunday 9am – 9pm.

Join our Telegram Group to start #SalingSilang!

#PakaiSampaiHabis & #PakaiSampaiRusak

We encourage people to be responsible for the things they bought by using them until they run out and or damaged.

This campaign is to reduce impulsive buying and potential waste.

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We encourage people to be mindful and conscious consumer. We believe that as consumer we have superpower to choose well what we need to buy to reduce impulse buying and hoarding habit. 

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Email: hi.lyfewithless@gmail.com