Founded in 2018 by Cynthia S Lestari, Lyfe With Less is now an Indonesian Minimalist Community based platform that gathers minimalism practitioners & enthusiasts. We share daily inspirations, motivations, knowledge through our content, campaign, module and activations. We provide useful, easy to practice and relatable to the community. 

We are proud of having loyal, active & engaging community through all of our channel. Our community have strong bond and support each other. 

We have collaborated with various media, communities, and both local and multinational brands. Through content collaboration, module development and webinar. Let’s work together!


4.14% Engagement rate, 1,594 likes 35 comments average interaction on each post

32,092 Streams

With 2,736 followers on Lyfe With Less podcast

+6,161 active members

Everyday interaction. Sharing member to member or we conduct some activities for members

Our Contents & Campaigns


Campaign utama dari Lyfe With Less untuk mengenalkan, mengajak dan mengedukasi masyarakat Indonesia pada gaya hidup minimalis. Tujuannya agar senantiasa memahami makna “cukup” untuk lebih dekat pada syukur & bahagia. 

Platform: All channel


Sebuah ajakan untuk berkonsumsi secara sadar untuk menghindari pembelian impulsif & bertanggung jawab atas apa yang kita konsumsi sehari-hari terhadap diri sendiri maupun lingkungan

Platform: All channel


Sebuah ajakan dan cara untuk menekan kebiasaan membeli barang secara impulsif. Bersyukur dan bertanggung jawab dengan apa yang sudah dibeli dengan memanfaatkannya hingga habis/rusak.

Platform: All channel


Monthly online class related to minimalism by expert or LWL’s team.

Platform: Online streaming (ZOOM)


Knowledge, perspective & experience sharing with the inspiring figure. Someone who did a minimalist or sustainable living.

Wrapped in IG LIVE and saved to IG TV or ZOOM (streamed to Youtube).


Sharing about minimalism journey or experience from our community member, LIVE with founder or LWL Team in Instagram. LIVE will be saved to IG TV.

Platform: Instagram


A space created by Lyfe With Less to sell, exchange or give it free the decluttered items from member to member. Weekly routine, from 9AM – 9PM.

Platform: Telegram 

#LWLSharing By Community

Sharing information or experience of minimalist living from member to member in Telegram Group. Twice a month.

Platform: Telegram

Our Services

Content Collaboration

Online Class, Workshop & Speaker Panel

Minimalism Webinar for Company or Private Group

Brand Activation

#SalingSilang Event for employee/customer activity​

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